Bispha Studios

Comfy Bod Candle | Toasted Marshmallow


This gorgeous body started its life as a handmade sculpture. Then cast in silicone to create a candle mould. Each one is hand poured, made to order and finished by hand.

Due to the nature of being handmade, variations in exact colours and nuances of the body are to be expected as nothing is machine made or mass produced.

*vegan Soy Wax 
* Natural fragrances 
* Handmade with love 

This body is our largest, with 450ml of wax used, an estimated burn time of 9 hours.

Ensure you follow proper candle care, which is placing your candle on a dish when you begin burning.

Cut the wick before each burn. 

Ensure you burn for at least 30 minutes at a time.

This body is 5" tall (about the size of a beverage can)

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