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Cork Yoga Mat


The OG Essential; where sustainability meets style

Light, durable and good for the planet, our cork yoga mat is the ultimate all rounder. 

Whether you’re cultivating space through meditation, stretching out post-run or mastering the art of procrastination - this mat is the perfect place for you to show up.

Our cork yoga mat is made using 100% natural cork oak - a renewable material, harvested sustainably. It was designed to honour the environment without sacrificing comfort, functionality or style. 

Along with being environmentally-friendly, cork is antimicrobial meaning it naturally eliminates bacteria which makes it easy to keep clean

- 1630 x 610 x 4mm (so comfortable you’ll fall asleep in Savasana)

- Naturally antimicrobial (low maintenance)

- Non-slip 100% natural cork top (easy to grip)

- 100% natural rubber base featuring anti-slip grooves (no sliding around the room)

- Our heat-bonding process eliminates the need for nasty glues and toxic adhesives (good for the planet)

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