Meraki Mats

Exhale Kit


Allow each exhale to rejuvenate you

Relieve tightness throughout your entire body

Compact and mighty, experience the mental relief as the exhale kit works to relieve tightness from the top of your spine to the tips of your toes.


- Cork Ball 6.5mm  (good for everything from the soul to the soles of your feet)

- Cork Peanut 6.5 x 13.5mm (alleviate built up tension from all that scrolling)

- Canvas tote (also enjoys long beach walks and grocery trips) 

- 100% natural cork (good for the planet)

- Naturally antimicrobial (low maintenance)

- Durable (won't tear or lose shape)

 How To

Cork Massage Ball

Small yet powerful, the cork massage ball is perfect to self massage and release through your hips, glutes, lower back, chest all the way to the arches of your feet. Position the ball on the muscle you wish to release and gently apply pressure using a wall, the floor or your hands.  Gently roll the ball to release the targeted muscle, slowly increasing the pressure as needed. 

Cork Peanut

The cork peanut can relieve shoulder, neck, foot, lower leg, mid and lower back pain - there’s really nothing it can’t do. For a gentle release, start with your feet hip width apart standing slightly away from a wall. Place the peanut in the centre of your back, positioned on either side of your spine. Once in a comfortable position, gently lean back against the wall. Ensure your knees are stacked over your ankles and your shoulders stacked over your hips to create a gentle curve in your spine. Carefully bend your knees, exhaling each time you move up the wall allowing the peanut to massage your spine. For a more intense release, lay on the ground with your knees bent, feet planted on the ground at hip width apart. Start with the peanut in the centre of your back, inhale and as you exhale slowly let the ball massage up and down your spine, taking weight into your arms and feet as needed.

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