Bispha Studios

Mama Candle | Toasted Marshmallow


Our beautiful Mama candle pays an ode to mothers everywhere.

Perfect as a gift for an expecting friend or yourself - whether a Mother or not. 

Hand sculpted from clay prior to being cast into a silicone mould. Each candle is hand poured using our patented unique blend of Soy, Candellila and 2 other natural, vegan waxes.

Whilst our candles are decorative pieces, we hope you will burn them one day. Using this mix of waxes allows us to have a longer lasting burn time than other soy candles when you do decide to light your candle.


Our candles are free from synthetic fragrances, paraffin, chemical fillers and paraffin wax. This ensures you won't have a headache when burning your candle.

All of our fragrances are naturally derived and we do not use colour dyes in our candles.


Mama Candle is our most petite candle, at 3" tall.

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